Natural Interactions – Voice Recognition

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Thoughts, Voice Control, VR

I listened to The AI Podcast 21: Live at GTC – How AI and VR Intersect and Michael Ludden from IBM Watson’s AI and VR labs discussed how voice recognition and AI were impacting VR. He also mentioned that IBM Watson had a set of open source code to access its cloud services (GitHub – IBM Watson). Voice user interfaces (VUI) are a natural for AR and VR. The ability to vocally interact provides another layer of possibilities for control and interfacing with AR and VR elements and environments. Amazon’s Alexa has shown the popularity of voice recognition applications in simple appliances. The question is how do we enable voice to work well with visual and gesture interfaces and leverage it for what it does best. Questions, commands, responses, instructions – the possibilities are many but what is it best at and most natural to use? Monotone HAL 9000 conversations be damned.