Lights, camera, interaction!

by | Aug 25, 2017 | AR, Rendering, Software, Thoughts, VR

I found the Octane render engine about 6 months ago while monitoring some Cinema4D Twitter feeds. What struck me was the render quality and natural light effects achieved and integrated into a 3D tool that was accessible and priced for the prosumer vs VFX professional. As I began to dig deeper, I started to learn about physical renderers and the difference in speed between CPU and GPU rendering. Octane is a GPU render engine and when you add more GPUs it literally doubles its render speed. We’re talking ‘real-time’ rendering with enough GPU power and GPU power is always increasing. This article (Jules Urbach’s Quest) on OTOY’s founder Jules Urbach explains some of the reasons why Octane is uniquely positioned. Octane is also being integrated into Unity’s next iteration of their game engine. The following quote: “Games want to be cinematic quality and film wants to be interactive. So we see a new category of content that is linear interactive storytelling,” said Sylvio Drouin, vice president at Unity Labs. “Jules wants to make beautiful content accessible to everybody.” is a large reason of why Octane is so appealing to what I’m looking to do in CMD with my Masters and why I’m so drawn to the results Octane produces. Lights, camera, interaction.