OTOY’s Mission

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Rendering, Thoughts

I listened to a podcast interview of OTOY’s CEO Jules Urbach by Brograph (Brograph Motion Graphics Podcast 099) and it blew my mind! He touched on so many things that OTOY is doing beyond Octane like distributed rendering via render tokens, Octane as the centre of visualising the ‘Metaverse’ in the future and cloud GPU rendering via reasonable subscription fees ($20 U.S./month). He’s an infectious speaker and personality. He opened my eyes to game engines as DCCs (digital content creation) apps and how Octane can be used in multiple solutions for visualisation. I’m going to re-listen to this one a few times. This is the kind of technology platform to dig into and use with multiple tools as a standard for visualising. Cinema4D, Unity, Unreal. It plugs into all the majors or at least that’s their goal. Now I need to figure out how many GPUs is minimum to work with it in real-time as well as the tricks of baking in game engines to increase performance and quality.