Sleight of Hand

by | Nov 6, 2017 | AR, Thoughts, VR

There is a certain magic within the best interactive pieces. For my thesis, I have been focused on the thought of what is viewed as real and virtual when interacting in a physical space with a screen or head-mounted device (HMD). I want to have a ‘wow’ factor for users to engage them in the environment and interactions. This can be produced using a combination of physical and visual cues as well as aural triggers. Proximity features are always important as attention and focus can be guided or suggested depending on where the user located in comparison to the environment. Discussions with Jerry and Christian have awoken a direction to use techniques to make the user question their knowledge of what is real and virtual. The idea of the simulacrum is pertinent to this discussion as perceptions about duplicates and real-world replication are at the heart of the virtual spaces and reality augmentation. At times, Sleight of hand will be necessary to trick the user into believing things that are in opposition to what their senses are assimilating. What visual and audio cues are assumed and can be manipulated by systems set out to blur the line between what is real and virtual?

I am on a path to explore and work on defining our perceptions and assumptions in this space. Manipulation and deception will be a part of the experience just like a good magic trick.