Natural or Virtual?

by | Dec 3, 2017 | AR, Opinions, Thoughts

My Research and Methodology class (CPSC699) has been a great¬†introduction to the requirements and flow of graduate studies. From journals, conferences, scientific posters and thesis proposals, the exposure to academia and some of the requirements of my Masters forced me to think about parts of the process that I can honestly admit I had been ignorant to. Our last assignment required a proposal we had written to be reviewed by 2 of our peers using EasyChair. Since I haven’t written any papers or proposals I decided to focus on my thesis and where I have arrived so far in the past few months of the process.

I am fascinated by the cues (both visual and aural) of how we interact with the world. With guidance from Christian and Jerry, I targeted the natural versus the virtual world in extended reality. I dove into my past studies of Marshall McLuhan and Jean Baudrillard. Extensions of humans, the simulacra and hyperreality joined with data capture and analysis. It all came together fairly well but it needs refinement and further thoughts on adding machine learning, 2D printed images and 3D printed partial objects augmented with virtual additions.

Lots to consider and ponder. It feels right. It feels like a good start.