Bury The Wren

by | Apr 10, 2019 | AR, Photogrammetry, Theater, VR, XR

Wow! After months of testing, building and workshopping with our fantastic actors, Val Planche and Val Campbell, the Alchemy Festival at the University of Calgary came and went like a flash. Our AR/VR/Carbon Reality experience had a couple of technical hitches but for the most part, the feedback was fantastic and those who attended enjoyed the performance. We managed to get our research ethics approved and ran about 40 people through the performance over 5 days. As part of the process, we needed to debrief the participants so we brought them ‘behind the scenes’ into the booth after they filled out the 2nd of 3 surveys.

We managed to capture a lot of photos, video and audio. I put together a short video teaser that we can use on the productions web site and at conferences or the like.