New People, New Ideas

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Thoughts

Christian Jacob is my Computer Science supervisor. He and Jerry Hushlak (my art supervisor) are colleagues and good friends. Sitting down with them to discuss my thesis has been exciting and thought provoking. Their personalities are like my brain in its split state of art and tech. Nicely balanced, uber energetic and pushing for more and more.

I met with Christian and one of his computer science students, Mikaela O., to discuss ways to present their iGem¬†project. I learned about how genetically modified eColi¬†can convert bio waste into plastic and was able to help guide and suggest ways to effectively show-off the work. It’s so engaging to work with passionate individuals who have put the work in and care about what they do. I hope my input was fruitful for them as well.

During Grad O (the graduate orientation) I met Emily V. who is a mechanical engineer pursuing a Masters in Robotics. She is working with a team that is seeking to remotely control a robotic Canadarm from the earth. Super cool! She was full of vibrance and excitement for the project and robotics. She mentioned how the lead professor was thinking about AR for helping physicians control remote operating tools as well as the Canadarm project. The crossover possibilities for AR applications are massive.

Just a few days in and I’m already meeting great people thanks to pursuing my passion and this program.