Altered Perception

by | Aug 24, 2018 | AR, Opinions, Thoughts, VR, XR

Expanding on the initial writing of ‘Discerning the Natural from the Virtual in Extended Reality Applications’ I really dug into researching the idea of reality in other disciplines. What I kept encountering was the idea of perception and how depending on the perspective of the discipline perception is what is altered when reality is blurred.

This has become the main theme of my thesis. Altered Perception: Discerning the Natural from Virtual in Extended Reality. I found it exciting to read about how philosophers have framed and continue to frame the real. Psychology dealing with psychosis and perceptual dissonance. Artists playing with the real and pushing concepts that bend and stretch perception. Neuroscience dealing with the mechanics and intricate understanding of how the brain processes and interprets input. Sociology bringing the shared cultures and symbols to any understanding of what is real.

I’m feeling very comfortable in this mind space as my work has always had me thinking about what we perceive. My last undergraduate project, The Space Between, was as a study in memory, snapshots and time distortion. Considering the effect extended reality tech is going to have on modern existence I feel real value in my research and hopefully some insights I can discover and share.